Register for Discount/Rebate Code

The code will be good for a $20 discount for your friend’s registration, and in addition, you get a $20 rebate on your own child’s registration when your friend uses your code (subject to the conditions below).

Additional Details (the fine print):

  • You can get multiple rebates up to the price of your child’s course, so if your code is used a lot, it’s possible to get your child’s course for free!
  • Only good for registrations made through the Seattle Magic Academy website via our 6crickets registration partner.
  • Anyone can use your code to get the discount, but rebates are only paid out for new students to the Seattle Magic Academy.
  • Rebates are refunded to the credit card used for your child’s registration, and will be made once the class has started. You can also save them for a future quarter.
  • You do not receive a rebate when you use the code for your own child, only the discount (again, the rebate is for new students only).
  • If your class is cancelled, the rebates you’ve earned can be applied to a future class. 
  • Code expires November 1, 2020

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